On August 16, 2023, ASEZ held the Symposium for a Sustainable Future at Ella Dunbar Temple Auditorium in the National University of San Marco, Peru. About 300 university students, ministers of the government departments and experts in various fields graced this event with their presence. At the event, diverse conditions for a sustainable city, such as the role of university students for a sustainable future and the UN SDGs, were discussed.

First, ASEZ university students started the forum with the flag performance and the vocal ensemble. The song, “Right Now, Right Here,” one of ASEZ’s representative songs, conveyed the message that we should preserve the environment before it is too late.

ASEZ members presented the Reduce Crime Together project. ASEZ members introduced crime prevention activities carried out by ASEZ university students around the world, and emphasized the importance of education and actual practice in order to create a crime-free world.


Next, experts presented special lectures. Partnership and Development Finance Officer at the UN, Dr. Maria Fernanda Awapara, gave a special lecture titled “30 Action Plans for Peace, People, and Prosperity of the Earth.” She shared how society can contribute to environmental conservation, focusing on the complementary relationship between the two.


Minister of Development and Social Inclusion of Peru, Julio Javier Demartini Montes, was the next speaker. Minister Julio Demartini gave a lecture on “Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainable Cities,” introducing national policies on the guidelines, strategies, and duties to help the poor and achieve social inclusion. He emphasized that working together and overcoming adversities is the only way to achieve the SDGs.

Next, Minister of Environment of Peru, Albina Ruiz Rios, stood at the podium. She made a presentation on the current geopolitical situation of population, population growth, and urbanization under the title, “Environmental Issues and the Role of Young Adults.” The Minister introduced how young adults should protect the environment, and said, “We need to restore the areas that have been damaged during the extraction of materials such as minerals and hydrocarbons. At the same time, we need sustainable alternatives within the value chain, such as eco-energy and bio-business.”

The next speaker was Chairman of the Water and Sewer Company [SEDAPAL] in Lima, Hector Fernando Piscoya Vera. He gave a presentation under the theme, “The Truth About Water Used in Society,” and introduced several projects with statistical data to enhance the importance and value of water and protect basic elements of life.

Finally, Executive Director of Profonanpe, Anton Willems Delanoy, gave a lecture titled, “Coastal Adaptation to Climate Change: Lessons for Sustainability.” He explained why it is important to preserve coastal areas in order to tackle climate change and create sustainable cities. He also expressed his impression that he wanted university students to participate in the activities together.

The experts who participated in the forum said that they were greatly moved by the activities of ASEZ university students, and that it was amazing to see university students raising their voices and participating in environmental protection and the realization of a sustainable society. They also gave much encouragement and praise to ASEZ university students around the world.

In order to realize a sustainable society, university students must act. We must act now, before it is too late. ASEZ has already begun to act for the future we dream of. Under the common goal of “sustainable society,” ASEZ will inform people that we need change and make efforts to turn small movements into big and more meaningful movements.