On December 23 and 24, 2021, 15 members from ASEZ painted murals at the crossroad of Atahualpa Av. and Santa Rosa Av. to reduce the crime rate in Cajamarca, which has been increasing recently.

According to the data from El Peruano (a Peruvian media) announced on September 23, 2021, 277 human trafficking cases were reported to the Peruvian National Police Agency (Policía Nacional del Perú: PNP) in the first half of 2021, which is an increase of 34.7% (96 cases) from the same period last year.

As the lockdown that had been issued due to COVID-19 was lifted, the rate of violent crimes such as human trafficking is on the rise again. It is reported that there were 143 criminal cases in Lima, the capital city, 24 cases in Lambayeque, 22 cases in Ayacucho, and 21 cases in Cajamarca.

To respond this, ASEZ members in Cajamarca carried out the CPTED [Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design] activities with the permission of the municipality.

Members cleaned and disinfected the messy murals full of posters, using water and spatulas. Then they painted the murals white, made sketches on the three walls, and colored them with paint. In addition, they drew some image and phrases that convey a warm atmosphere to the local community.

As a result, the murals of the streets, which used to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere in the community, have changed into a bright and friendly one. The residents appreciated ASEZ for their efforts, and hoped that their houses could be painted too.

ASEZ members will continue painting murals to create a warm community so that the citizens of Cajamarca will no longer live in fear of crimes.