“I’m happy to participate in this event as it provides platform for Peru and the world to collaborate. I trust the positive influence of ASEZ, and I suggest ASEZ joins us in carrying out solidarity activities that aim to protect our planet. You are the true leaders of the world who deliver the message of love.”


While Minister of Development and Social Inclusion of Peru Julio Javier Demartini Montes was visiting Korea to attend the ministerial-level international conference of 46 countries, he visited the World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol) on July 4.

Minister Demartini attended the forum hosted by ASEZ, the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group, at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province, and suggested the role of the next generation leaders who will achieve a sustainable future. The event was attended by the Peruvian Ambassador to Korea Paul Duclos and 500 university students from 40 countries, including Korea, the United States, and Germany.

The university students will also participate in the “Worldwide University Student Leadership Conference 2023” hosted by the Church of God from July 5 to July 12.


Being impressed by the continued social contribution of the Church of God in Peru, Minister Demartini has been cooperating with ASEZ. Last month, he delivered a speech at the ASEZ Global Forum held at the Church of God in Faucett, Peru. ASEZ met him again when he visited Korea to attend the “Global Saemaul Undong Ministerial Meeting 2023” co-hosted by the Ministry of Interior and Safety and Busan Metropolitan City, Korea.

The forum began around 11 a.m. ASEZ choir sang ASEZ’s own song about the environment, titled, “Right Now Right Here,” to raise awareness on environmental issues. During his lecture, Minister Demartini highlighted the issues that the world faces through the situation of Peru, saying, “The global village is one big family.” He explained the factors hindering sustainable development, such as poverty and social inequality, with statistical figures, and introduced various policies to improve the quality of life, emphasizing that “Solidarity and cooperation by all of us are necessary to solve these global issues.” He also pledged his continued solidarity and cooperation, saying, “The role of university students is fundamental and essential, and I’ve discovered that hundreds and thousands of ASEZ young adults are doing amazing work in the field.”

The forum was full of passion for learning and love for humanity. The participants agreed that it was a meaningful time to strengthen their determination for sustainable world and learn how to achieve it. Amber Crayton from Collin County Community College in the United States said, “I’ve learned how Peru is making efforts to save the earth, and at the same time, I felt even prouder to be an ASEZ member. I will work harder for the future.” Erik Lauter from Free University of Berlin in Germany said, “What inspired me the most was that we need love to solve global issues. I’ll make efforts to practice the love of Christ which God showed us as an example, by helping neighbors in need.”

In Peru, ASEZ members carried out various activities, including awareness raising for the implementation of the SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals] through forums and campaigns, as well as charitable concerts, environmental cleanups, and environmental improvement to prevent crime. In addition, ASEZ has been seeking practical ways to establish networks with international organizations, government agencies, local authorities, and universities in order to ensure that their initiatives are open to a wider range of participants beyond university students.

ASEZ is an international volunteer group composed of university students of the Church of God all around the world. The term “ASEZ” stands for “Save the Earth from A to Z,” which means, “Save the earth from the beginning to the end.” For the life, peace, happiness, and harmony of humanity, ASEZ has been carrying out various activities all around the world: social welfare promotion, awareness raising, emergency relief, and environmental activities including cleanups, crime prevention education, campaigns, forums and seminars, Cheer Up Campaign, support for vulnerable groups, etc. Recently, ASEZ Blue Carbon [ABC] Campaign has been carried out around the world since June, commemorating World Environment Day (June 5) and World Ocean Day (June 8). It is to promote the importance of marine ecosystems that quickly absorb and store large amounts of carbon. Marine ecosystems are crucial for carbon neutrality. ASEZ has been complimented by raising the awareness of blue carbon through coastal cleanups and panel exhibition campaigns.

The selfless activities of the ASEZ young adults, who are future leaders, have been getting continuous support and cooperation not only in Korea but also from the international community. ASEZ has received multiple awards such as The President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award from the U.S., and The Green Apple Gold Award, The Green World Gold Awards, etc. Over 60,000 people from all walks of life, including the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Professor Robert Huber the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, have signed MOUs with ASEZ in support of its activities.