On May 5, 2022, ASEZ members in the Republic of Korea (hereinafter referred to as “Korea”) held a meeting at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea, with Victor Cadavid, the Forestry Director from the Ministry of Environment of Panama, who was visiting Korea to give a panel presentation at the XV World Forestry Congress.

They discussed on the future activities of ASEZ and environmental policies in Central America, including Panama.

Both discussed for about an hour on various topics, such as planning for university students to cope with environmental issues, sharing environmental policies in Central America, including Panama, and exploring strategies that lead to mutual cooperation.

In particular, Mr. Cadavid agreed with ASEZ’ initiative to bring about a fundamental change by educating university students, future leaders, to be aware of environmental issues and participate in practical activities for the environment.

Jair Urriola Quiroz, the Executive Secretary of the Central American Commission for Environment and Development, which is an intergovernmental consultative group among the eight Central American governments (Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, and El Salvador), emphasized global cooperation and joint activities with governments. He also expressed his willingness to cooperate with ASEZ, saying, “I really hope ASEZ members in the Central America will visit our Commission.”

Mr. Cadavid highly praised the potential of ASEZ, saying, “I think the future depends on your cooperative activities and the power to encourage more participation.”

The world pays attention to ASEZ, who communicates with various stakeholders in each country to create a better world.