It has been more than a year since the corona pandemic was declared. However, as the endless hours continue, the medical staff and essential workers are still struggling on the front lines. Members of ASEZ IUPUI (Indianapolis University Purdue University in Indianapolis) visited to northern community hospitals in Indianapolis on January 6 to express their gratitude to the medical staff.

Nakrista Watkins, ASEZ student, mentioned the purpose of this volunteer work, saying, “We want to express our gratitude to the medical staff who continued to work for us, and encourage them to keep working without getting tired of this hard fight.”
The members’ warm heart made the emergency room staff laugh. The medical staff, who were tired of continuous heavy work and burden of dealing with life, said, “It means the world to us to know that people care about us in the same way and recognize us.”

The local broadcasting station WTHR relayed this news that deliver love to the neighbors in the Covid-19 period. Steve, a reporter of WTHR, encouraged the activity of university students, saying, “I hope that this beautiful volunteer work will continue in our society.”

We express our gratitude and respect for the hard work of the healthcare workers who devote themselves day and night to overcoming the Covid-19. And we hope that Covid-19 will quickly end so that all of us can return to our daily life.