As the pandemic worsens and the lockdown prolongs, Indian police is responding to COVID-19 by providing a variety of social services in addition to maintaining public order and policing.
According to the Data on Police Organizations, 2017, announced by the UN, there are only 144 police officers for every 100,000 citizens in India, making India’s police force one of the weakest in the world. India’s police-to-population ratio lag behind most countries. (The United Nations-recommended ratio of 222)

Despite that, the police officers are playing a role as important as that of healthcare workers; they transport vulnerable groups of people to hospitals, provide daily necessities and food, transport and bury the dead bodies infected by COVID-19, and raise citizens’ awareness of preventive measures. Special attention and protection are required at the regional and national levels for the essential workers, including these police officers.

For this, ASEZ members in Pune sent encouragement and support to the police officers, another heroes during this pandemic. The university students delivered N95 face masks and sanitizers to the Dehu Road Police Station for the officers who protect residents’ health in the local community.

Police Inspector Vilas Sonde appreciated the young adults’ efforts and presented a citation to praise and encourage them.

This volunteer activity was introduced to the local media and served as an opportunity to raise awareness of the necessity of supporting essential workers.