On July 29, 2021, ASEZ members cleaned Universidad ICEL Campus Lomas Verdes. In Mexico, all schools, including universities, were closed due to COVID-19, and classes were held online for about two years. As a result, the learning places didn’t look like how they were before, being covered with grass and bushes.

For this, ASEZ members from UNAM cleaned up the campus so that the students can learn in a clean environment when they come back. From noon to 5 p.m., they picked up garbage and mowed grass for about five hours.

Valeria Gonzalez Sanchez the Director of Campus Lomas Verdes was moved by the ASEZ members’ efforts and presented a citation to them, and said, “I wish to have ASEZ club in ICEL when the students can come to school as the corona pandemic is over.” A member who took part in the volunteer work said, “I felt rewarded through this volunteer activity. I hope ASEZ will continue to hold various activities and make good influence on all the universities around the world.”