On October 26, ASEZ Climate Change Response Seminar was held for high school students in Pampanga, Philippines.

The event was attended by more than 300 students from Becuran High School [BHS] (hereinafter BHS), the Vice Mayor of Santa Rita, city hall officials, city councilors, the BHS principal and teachers, and police officials.

The event consisted of university students’ presentation on climate change. The presenters dealt with various problems caused by temperature rise that affect communities and Earth. They said human-caused climate change is affecting the whole world in form of droughts, desertification, typhoons, sea level rises, water shortages, and food shortages. They emphasized that in order to solve this problem, we, all humans, must change our whole life which is the cause of the problem. Explaining that everyone has to change, the presenters talked about consumer behavior. They introduced “The Cost,” a valuable consumption campaign which is a part of ASEZ activities, encouraging the listeners to have an interest and participate in it.

Mr. Ernesto S. Maninang, the Principal of BHS, said, “As teachers, it is our role to support our students to have knowledge, skills, and attitudes to face their futures confidently. Helping our students to have an informed voice for the biggest issues mankind will face is an important part of their education,” expressing his gratitude to ASEZ for helping the students take part in meaningful learning.

Beejay Raga, an ASEZ member from Our Lady Fatima University, emphasized that it is important to think, learn, and act as a responsible global citizen, and he introduced ASEZ club activities, encouraging his friends and professors to work together.

After the seminar, a street cleanup was conducted with the students.

After the cleanup around the school, the high school students said they realized that the solution to the problem starts when everyone takes action.

Mark David, a BHS student, said, “I’m happy to be able to take care of not only my school but also my community. Today, I got to know that maintaining cleanliness is important in society.”

We all have the key to solving climate change that threats our daily lives around the globe.

Each of us must create change from where we are, and for this, we must first be aware of the problem.

Only then can we take action and promote it to people.

ASEZ university students will continue to let people be aware of the seriousness of the climate crisis so that they realize each of them has the key to change and act together.