On July 22, ASEZ members in Escondido, U.S. cleaned California Center for the Arts and Grape Day Park in Escondido.

About ten members took part in this cleanup, focusing on removing weeds in those areas.
Weeds grow quickly, absorbing nutrients from its surrounding crops, and impedes their growth. They also generate moisture, exposing the crops to mold and germs. In order to help the surrounding organisms grow and to maintain the beauty of the city, weeds must be removed before they spread more.

For this, ASEZ members picked the weeds for three hours.
ASEZ member Evan (California State University San Marcos, 3rd year) said, “I regarded weeding as something simple and easy. However, as I searched online for the importance of removing weeds, I realized that it is not just to beautify the city, but to protect living organisms and help their growth,” and he added, “Picking and disposing about 500 lbs [227 kg] of weeds, I felt like we were protecting plants, and so I could work joyfully.”

Two public work staff members from the City of Escondido took part in this event. They expressed their gratitude, saying, “We are really moved that the college students took time out of their busy schedules to volunteer. It would have taken one whole week if only two of us had to do it alone. But thanks to the students, we finished it in three hours. They also did not take many breaks. They were very diligent in the work we gave them. We hope and encourage ASEZ to keep volunteering for the community.”

We hope that all parts of the world will turn into beautiful places through the volunteer activities of the university students in the local community.