On December 6, 2020, as the COVID-19 was prolonged, ASEZ members from the Busan Kyungsang College made fifty hand sanitizers to donate to the senior center in Yeonje, Busan.

Kim Seul-yeon, who took part in the volunteer service, said, “I wanted to present some happiness and joy to the elderly in the hard time caused by the COVID-19. I felt warm and rewarded when the elderly sent me a picture where they are smiling after receiving the hand sanitizers.”

“Hand sanitizers are something small, but we prepared them, wishing all of them to overcome this tough period of time. I want to give help and comfort to many people in the future, too,” said Lee Ji-hyeon.

Although the members could not deliver the sanitizers to the elderly in person because of the pandemic, the welfare agency that received them in their stead, thanked them, saying that this kind of activity of ASEZ is essential for the vulnerable. On this day, a total of fifty hand sanitizers were delivered to the elderly.

ASEZ’s effort to share heartwarming love with communities is highly praised in the midst of the current crisis when the COVID-19 is prolonged and when the human rights of the elderly, who are suffering from economic and mental problems, is violated.