To help reduce crime in cities, ASEZ members in Argentina, in cooperation with the Buenos Aires Municipality, painted murals on the Peatonal Pringles Bridge in Almagro on April 17.

The pedestrian bridge in Pringles posed a high risk of crimes due to its disorderly atmosphere, characterized by reckless waste disposal and graffiti. ASEZ university students carried out this volunteer activity in cooperation with the administrative department in Argentina to promote peace and happiness in the community. A total of 50 volunteers, including Argentine government officials, participated in this event as part of ASEZ’s RCT project.

Sebastian Perdomo, President of Community 5 in Argentina, and Stefano Salmeri, Director of Youth Policies at the Buenos Aires Municipality, highly complimented ASEZ for their efforts, and promised to participate in the Signing Campaign in Support of ASEZ RCT Project and to cooperate with ASEZ in the future. At the closing ceremony of the event, Stefano Salmeri, Director of Youth Policies, said, “I’m grateful that such volunteer activity can be carried out in this city, and I especially want to express my sincere gratitude to the ASEZ young adults.”

Through this event, ASEZ was honored with a certification of recognition from Community 5, one of 15 municipalities in Argentina. ASEZ will strive to create a safe environment to reduce crimes through various activities in different countries.