[Argentina] “Reduce Crime Together”: Painting Murals in Buenos Aires

On Monday, January 30, 2023, ASEZ members in Buenos Aires, Argentina, painted murals to change the atmosphere of Pringles Juan Street in Tigre City and reduce crime. Mayor of Tigre Julio Zamora and eight municipal officials signed in support for ASEZ activities and their RCT Project.

The event proceeded for about four and a half hours from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. About 40 people, including ASEZ members in Buenos Aires, their families, and acquaintances, took part. Many municipal officials, including Mayor of Tigre Julio Zamora, Chief Security Officer Corradini Juan Manuel, and Vice Minister for Education of Tigre City Renzo David Heredia also attended the event.

The event was conducted safely with the support of Tigre municipality, which controlled the vehicle traffic at the event site. The municipality provided supplies (paint, brushes, rollers, gloves, etc.) and snacks for painting murals.

ASEZ members removed the messy graffiti on the wall and replaced it with beautiful paintings. The bright and positive energy of the ASEZ members who painted the murals with joy and bright smiles was reflected in the vibrant work.

On that day, Mayor of Tigre delivered a plaque of appreciation to the ASEZ members. The mayor encouraged the members, saying, “The message you brought is the message of peace and environmental protection. Your actions to protect the environment and reduce crime are setting a good example for our neighbors.”

Ariana, ASEZ member, said, “While removing the graffiti and painting pretty pictures, I felt like all the negative thoughts that I had disappeared and I have been changed. I hope everyone who sees this painting will feel the same.”

ASEZ, the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group, is carrying out the Reduce Crime Together [RCT] Project. As part of the CPTED activities, ASEZ is carrying out mural painting in various regions such as Peru, Chile, and the Philippines.