Unemployment due to the coronavirus has increased the number of people exposed to food shortages. Department stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. in U.S. have also been closed due to Covid-19, and many people have lost their jobs. As of January 2021, the number of unemployed people in U.S. reached to about 11 million, which is twice as high as before the Covid-19 pandemic.
This situation has had great influence on people’s lives. Food for jobless people became scarce. Feeding America, a U.S. hunger relief organization, predicted that if coronavirus continues this year, about 54 million people nationwide will face food instability.

Actually in November 2020, Food Bank (food assistance and welfare services organization in U.S.) held the free food sharing event in Texas and more than 20,000 people gathered. This shows that how many people need help now.
Houston Food Bank official said, “Due to the coronavirus, many peoples’ lives became harder and more people need help from the Food Bank. But fewer volunteers help to pack and distribute, so help is very urgent.”

For this reason, ASEZ members in Houston visited Food Bank on January 24, 2021. It was to help make the food box. The 26 ASEZ members who participated in the volunteer work on this day divided food and put them into boxes according to the quantity. Through the three hours of volunteer work, they completed the work of packing food that could be delivered to 4,500 people.

Bianca Limbric, who participated in the volunteer work as a ASEZ member, said, “It’s so sad that many people are in need of help due to the coronavirus. But, I’m glad to participate in the work that can help our neighbors even a little. Though we are in the crisis of Covid-19, I hope that all of our neighbors will do their best because we are together.”

Kathy Lipman, a head of Houston Food Bank, expressed his thanks, saying, “The activities of ASEZ today were a great help to deliver food to our neighbors. I look forward to continuing to work together with ASEZ.”

The global village is in the crisis of Covid-19. However, if we share our little strength for our neighbors, we will be able to overcome this crisis together.