In November 2022, ASEZ clubs in Korea received awards from communities.

ASEZ clubs at Kwangwoon University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology each received a citation from a national assembly member, and the ASEZ branch in Suwon received a plaque from Suwon City Council.

We hope that ASEZ’s continued efforts for their universities and communities will draw participation from all people.


In recognition of your great contribution to our society by carrying out various volunteer activities such as cleanup campaigns to protect the environment, the home of life, and practicing love for neighbors around the world to help them in various difficulties due to disasters.

November 15, 2022

Kim Seong-hwan, National Assembly Member


In recognition of your great contribution to the development of the local community with a great sense of duty and a devoted spirit of volunteerism, and in acknowledgment of your love for neighbors in Suwon.

November 15, 2022

Kim Ki-jeong, Chairman of Suwon City Council