The sense of ownership of Individuals and the value of working together are emphasized in resolving global environmental issues.

The efforts for the future of the planet are as important and urgent as the efforts for the future of individuals; we have the same responsibilities for them. When community members pay attention to their community and work together, the future which each of us dreams of will come true sooner than we think.

On April 22, which was Earth Day, university students in Indianapolis, U.S. cleaned up the environment. They took part in “Keep Indy Clean,” a local environmental program, with a Council Woman to clean South Harding Street. Bethany Hartman, who took park in the event, gave his impressions, saying, “Seeing the volunteers continuously showing their good deeds towards their community, we can expect to see their next event double even triple next year!” Another student, Chris Walsh said, “We will not put a limit on the work that we can do, but to do our absolute best while serving our community.”

When asked, “What moved you?” a university student said, “I really enjoyed working together in unity toward one reason—the future of the earth—and that we can do as much as we can see and more!”

When individuals are aware of the fact, “My future and Earth’s future are not different,” they will take action for the planet, and when those small actions and efforts come together, the world will change soon.