ASEZ members in Peru set out to encourage the medical staff in Peru, who are making every effort to combat COVID-19. On October 19, they delivered 200 lunch boxes to the medical staff working at the Hospital San Jose Callao, Callao.

Their encouraging letters and warm lunchboxes consoled the hearts of the exhausted medical staff. A member who took part in the volunteer work explained the purpose of the event, saying, “We hold a campaign to deliver hopeful and cheering messages to the medical staff so that they can combat COVID-19.” On that day, the medical staff overjoyed with the lunchboxes and letters, and some even welled up with tears.

“I’d like to first thank all of you for your support. We, the medical staff, were encouraged to continue helping the people in need.” said Doctor Karin Fifa in appreciation. In appreciation for this event, the officials of the hospital and Carlos Cox the Mayor of Carmen de La Legua presented the certificates of appreciation to ASEZ.

ASEZ will continue to carry out volunteer services to deliver gratitude and encouragement to the medical staff and essential workers, who are dedicated to cope with COVID-19.