On May 2, 2024, about 25 ASEZ members in the state of Texas, U.S. gathered to clean up Trinity River Park. This day was part of ASEZ Blue Carbon [ABC] Movement, which ASEZ is actively carrying out to achieve the UN SDGs and protect the marine ecosystem.

The area where the campaign was conducted was suffering from garbage caused by an unprecedented storm. In order to solve this problem, the members collected about 580 pounds (263 kg) of trash in one day, including plastic bottles and discarded clothes, which greatly contributed to reducing environmental pollution in the community.

Hermilo Muñoz of Tarrant Regional Water District [TRWD] who participated to introduce ASEZ to an app that tracks and analyzes municipal waste and receive the related data said, “On behalf of TRWD, we would like to thank ASEZ. The Trinity River needs a lot of work. As you can see, it takes just a few of us to make a huge difference out here. Thank you so much for all of your help today.”

At this time, the community’s efforts are being emphasized to solve the global environmental problems. ASEZ’s activities are a good example of the positive impact that sustainable community action can have on local communities. We look forward to the beautiful steps of ASEZ, which always acts first to create a clean community.