[United States] “Sharing Love With Neighbors”: Donation of School Supplies to Battle Grove Elementary School

On February 8, ASEZ members from Montgomery College donated school supplies and books to Battle Grove Elementary School students. ASEZ members prepared various supplies, such as notebooks, pens, pencils, and folders, for the children over a few weeks. The students were so happy to receive the supplies and expressed their gratitude with a bright smile.

When the ASEZ members at Montgomery College brainstormed about providing a tangible help to local families, they found out that the school supplies and books are basic necessities for elementary school students but due to the unstable economy, parents are struggling to provide basic necessities for their children. A school supply and book donation seemed like a practical way to give a priceless gift: Education.

Sabrina Henix, an active ASEZ volunteer, reflected on the experience: “The ASEZ students prepared the supplies with a heart of generosity for the children who may not be able to easily afford them. We collected donations, thinking of the children, and the box was already full. We sorted through the donation, thinking about how the boys and girls would be able to enjoy them. I hope they could receive what they need.”

Marvely Molina-Torres, a junior at Montgomery College, said, “The most impressionable part of the event was to see the bright smiles on their faces. The eagerness was so contagious, even the faculty was delighted to receive the donation. I was grateful for the chance to bring comfort and ease to the students and their families.”

After the donation, Debbie Marzola, a teacher, said, “I was proud that ASEZ has set an example in a world where the age group lacks kindness and empathy. Everyone was so nice. Thank you for coming to our school.” On this day, Courtney Warlick, the community school facilitator at Battle Grove Elementary, discussed further projects with ASEZ.

Community school: A type of school that is closely related to the community, aiming to meet the educational needs of the residents and the development of the community where the school belongs. This movement started with the initiative that schools should be connected with the life of the local community. In many countries, including the U.S., various community partners such as educational institutions, families, health authorities, social welfare organizations, universities, and corporations are supporting in educating students through the community school system.

ASEZ, the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group, is taking the lead in helping families, schools, and communities. ASEZ emphasizes the importance of community members working together to solve the problems that affect their community. ASEZ suggests that the responsibility of education is not limited to schools alone, and that all members of a community should work together to create educational opportunities. ASEZ hopes that the culture of mutual support and collaboration like the ASEZ donations will become the norm and create a more harmonious and cooperative community.