On January 28, the ASEZ volunteers of Iloilo, the Philippines, conducted a cleanup along the coastal area of Brgy. Molo Boulevard as part of the blue carbon ecosystem cleanup activities.

A total of 54 volunteers, including 11 invitees from Interface Computer College and Iloilo Doctor’s College, and 2 officials from the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office [CENRO], participated in this event, and 45 sacks of trash were collected through the coastal cleanup.

At the beginning of the activity, the Administrative Aide of CENRO Ms. Mary Jean Irisari shared the importance of coastal cleanup to prevent harmful substances from entering the marine environment. She also expressed her gratitude to the ASEZ volunteers for taking the lead in this initiative.

“This activity is brilliant. It empowers the people around the world to join their cause. Their purpose is really respectable and I love the mission and vision of ASEZ,” said the Chief of Pollution Control Division, CENRO, Jose Antonio Tengco, in an interview.

“This cleanup activity has a considerable impact on the environment. It is a step toward protecting the future and saving people in this area from hazards caused by waste.” (Alleah Lazaro, a nursing student from Iloilo Doctor’s College)

“I enjoyed this activity. It helped raise awareness on the importance of cleanliness to the environment and community.” (Zyra Porras, an ASEZ volunteer)

“We support ASEZ as it leads to having a healthy and crime-free environment, a happy place to stay.” (Neil Ravena from CENRO)

As a result of their valuable contribution to the local community through coastal cleanup, a Certificate of Appreciation from CENRO was presented to ASEZ members in Iloilo on Monday, January 29. ASEZ will continue to carry out volunteer activities that will give insight into creating a sustainable environment and hope to local communities.