ASEZ cordially invite you to
ASEZ Global Forum 2018 on the Implementation of UN SDGs
for the hopeful future of all mankind.

14:00–17:30 on Wednesday, October 17, 2018
World Mission Society Church of God in Faucett, Peru

A core guiding principle of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework of the United Nations (UN) is that “no one should be left behind.” The SDGs are a UN-sponsored effort to create a common set of development goals for all communities in every country, with a deadline for attainment of 2030.

Paying close attention to the needs of people, considerations for others and actions taken for such purposes are critical factors for achieving a sustainable world where all of us can live together.

We, university students, are the first to take action.

University students are the future of humanity and new leaders to initiate changes.
We drive innovations with pure passion, intelligence, and action, not being bound by political or economic interests, regardless of any particular group’s claims or interests, and transcending race, ethnicity, and nationality.

Will you walk with us on our journey to first change ourselves and share the opportunities to change the world with all people?

We cordially invite you to the ASEZ Global Forum 2018 to make a world where no one is left behind.


Pre-Forum Event
  • Performance: “Right Now Right Here”
Session 1.
Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Remarks
  • Congratulatory Address
  • Signing on the ASEZ Proposal
Session 2.
  • Introduction of ASEZ
  • Presentations: “Role of University Students in Implementing UN SDGs”
    • – Topic 1. Universal Humanity Issues: Domestic Violence and Gender Equality
    • – Topic 2. Global Environmental Issues: Responsive Measures Against Climate Change
    • – Topic 3. Socioeconomic Issues: Crime Prevention
Supplementary Events
  • Panel Exhibition, UN SDGs Experience Zone

How to Apply: Email your application at

Hosted by ASEZ Church of God University Student Volunteer Group, World Mission Society Church of God