Change starts from people, starting from a very small place that is not even found on a map.

The constant steps people take together create change which everyone feels.

ASEZ is leading sustainable campus cleanups to carry out the Greenship Campaign on their own campus, which is making a positive influence on their fellow university students.

This winter, the Korean ASEZ members took part in the activity at the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain.

In conjunction with the Department of Environmental Studies at Complutense University, activities were carried out on the campuses of the College of Humanities, Medical Sciences, and Natural Sciences, and 40 kg (88 lb) of garbage were collected in three hours on January 20th 2020.

Macarena, the official of the department, observed the members’ continuous activity and said, “The students’ activity, although small, will highly motivate many people and create a better society in the end.”

Pablo, the university student who participated in the event, expressed his expectations for future activities by saying, “Through these activities, I felt it had a positive impact on the college students watching us, and I found that the most important thing is a constant passion to set an example for others.” The small steps that the university students are making will soon bring a big change, not only to the university, but also to the community which it belongs to.