ASEZ members from Korea had a talk in Montevideo with the Minister of the Interior of Uruguay for creating an environment conducive to sustainable city on August 2.

After listening to the introduction about ASEZ activities, Eduardo Bonomi (Minister of the Interior of Uruguay), said, “I’ve noticed something very interesting about ASEZ activities. Through the ASEZ forum, I hope that many more people will cooperate with ASEZ to reduce crime in South America, and to achieve sustainable development goals in regard to climate change.”

Lee Seung-yeol, a Korean member of ASEZ (the third year in Daegu Haany University) said, “It’s really exciting to have a talk with the Minister of the Interior of Uruguay though I’m a mere university student.” He added, “I looked around a city in Uruguay, and noticed lots of graffiti on the walls, and trash on the streets. I believe that Uruguay will become a greater country if ASEZ carries out the environmental awareness raising campaign and crime reduction campaign together with the government.”

Starting with the talk, much attention has been drawn toward ASEZ volunteer service for creating a sustainable city in Uruguay.