ASEZ Crime prevention education was provided to youths in Mumbai, Shillong, and Panaji in India from late July to the beginning of August 2019. In order to implement the resolution made at Worldwide ASEZ Summit, education was provided to various countries, including India, Mexico, the Philippines, and Argentina.

The education was provided to 600 students and staff in middle school, high school, and university, as part of the ASEZ youth crime prevention curriculum in Mumbai, Shillong, and Panaji in India.
The educational contents were centered on the importance of the role of individuals for education, practice, and partnership; they emphasized that each individual should strive to change to make this world free of crime, and it dealt with the current state of crime around the world, and the concept of crime defined as “Human behaviors that harm the society.”

After the education was over, principals, staff, and students had a Q and A session. Administrative personnel of Trinity English High School, Mumbai, said that the students would have learned about how to change, and its importance; he added that they would become better people who love their friends, neighbors and society.

The staff who participated in the education actively gave support signatures for ASEZ Reduce Crime Together project, and they supported ASEZ global crime reduction movement. Each school signed an MOU with ASEZ, and pledged to cooperate to continually provide the education.