ASEZ Proposal forImplementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving the UN SDGs is one of the biggest aims and challenge of humanity that we have to complete by 2030 to guarantee a sustainable life for the generations to come.

The goals are the values for everyone and at the same time a responsibility we all share.

The sustainability of the earth, the one and only shelter for all mankind, depends on humans who live in it.

The power of people’s idea, action, and one’s influence on the other to make a difference, finally change the whole world.

We, university students, are the first to take actions!

We take steps in every corner of the earth, transcending boundaries of nation and language, with close attention to people’s lives, consideration for others, and volunteer services.

Our changes are going to change university campuses, communities, countries and even the world.

We will save a life, and make the earth sustainable with our pure passion, intelligence, and actions.

In order for our voices and actions to change the world, we ask you to support our little, but constant steps taken in all around the world for the hopeful future of the earth.

*The proposal and the sign-up campaign results will be submitted to the United Nations

We, the members of ASEZ, the Church of God University Student Volunteers, hereby propose the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to join the effort of international society for fulfilling SDGs, and to enhance the sustainability of each country.

  1. Establishing global governance for achieving SDGs by developing and expanding volunteer programs for university students for each of the 17 SDGs, considering regional characteristics.
  2. Building up a real-time monitoring system through which volunteers can check and share the information of the places that are in urgent need of help.
  3. Forging partnerships among ASEZ, the UN, governments, universities, and communities to establish Mother’s Zone.
  4. Including university students’ volunteering to Voluntary National Reviews as an integrated means of SDGs implementation, and providing students with an opportunity to participate in High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development to report how they are contributing to the SDGs through their activities.
  5. Designating the “Global University Student Day for SDGs Implementation” for promoting the SDGs and encouraging university students around the world to participate in volunteer services.