Filipino members of ASEZ attended the General Assembly of the Philippine National Police Chaplain Service on January 22, 2019.

The chief of Mandaluyong City Police Station, who had attended ASEZ Reduce Crime Together seminar in August 2018, was impressed with the project; he introduced ASEZ to the Philippine National Police and suggested that ASEZ give a presentation during the General Assembly of the Philippine National Police Chaplain Service.

Two hundred high-ranking government officials and police personnel, and 200 ASEZ members, in a total of 400, attended the general assembly held to combat corruption and crime, starting with the Philippine government. Filipino members promoted the ASEZ Reduce Crime Together in the presence of the Vice Minister of Department of National Defense, the Deputy Head of Philippine National Police International Affairs Division, the Chief of Police, and influential government/police personnel.

Attendees also gave signatures in support of ASEZ campaign.

In the Philippines, from the summer of 2018 to the present, Reduce Crime Together seminars and forums were held in five regions: Mandaluyong, Valenzuela, San pablo, Caloocan, and Quezon City.

After the event was over, the Philippine National Police complimented the Church of God and ASEZ, calling them a “noble organization,” and showed its determination to have a constructive partnership with ASEZ to combat crime. Furthermore, it requested ASEZ to cooperate on raising awareness of activities conducive to reducing crime, by providing education to the National Police and prison inmates.

The substantial changes such as a decreased crime rate are expected by cooperation with the Philippine National Police.