The ASEZ seminar on reducing crime was held at Meghalaya University of Science and Technology in North Guwahati, Assam Province, India on January 23, 2019; it was attended by Mahbubul Hoque the Vice Chancellor, professors, and students, including 65 ASEZ members. The seminar consisted of making presentations on, and watching videos about reducing crime; it deeply moved everyone at the venue as there had been social unrest caused by a series of crime scandals involving politicians in India.

The seminar was conducted in the following order: ASEZ introduction video, presentation on crime reduction, speaker’s lecture, signing for supporting ASEZ’s activities. After watching the video about the worldwide activities carried out by ASEZ, the speakers made presentations on why crime occurs frequently in the world and how to resolve it. During the presentations, it was highlighted that crime is of great concern to every one of us and that individuals’ change is required to resolve it.

Kim Seul-gi (from Kyungsung University, who visited India for ASEZ activities) explained, “Crimes happen amongst people. Any one of us could become either a criminal or victim. So what is important is that we ourselves first have to be alert and make efforts for crime reduction. The selfish thought, ‘It will be okay even if I don’t participate,’ may aid and abet crimes.” And she suggested practicing a “mother’s love” as a solution.

After the presentations were over, the university staff and the students positively signed in support of ASEZ crime reduction activities. A.K.SINHA the Dean at University of School of Law and Research expressed his thoughts on the seminar: “I’ve learned a lot from ASEZ; it has taken appropriate measures to reduce crime, and I hope it will continue on.” The Vice Chancellor at USTM too participated in the signature campaign, and promised to continue to support ASEZ’s activities.