ASEZ Sustainability Dialogue:
The Future Starts Here

Thursday, 22 November, 2018, 10:00-12:00
Global Seminar Hall (B1), New Jerusalem Pangyo Tmple World Mission Society Church of God

We find hope for a better future of humanity on campus.

All countries around the world are making efforts to realize economic growth, well-being, equality, and healthy life without diseases.
A sustainable global environment is a top priority for achieving those goals, because Earth is the only place for humanity to enjoy all these things.
Now, we are looking for hope in universities that foster leadership that will create a better future.


Pre-event Watching intro video / Congratulatory performance
Opening Address Kim Joo-cheol, Ceneral Pastor, World Mission Society Church of God
Session 1.
Special Lecture
The role of university in confronting climate change
– Duberli Apolinar Rodriguez Tineo, Justice and Former President, Supreme Court, Peru
Session 2.
Talk Concert
Panel discussion
| Finding a role of university students in confronting climate change
Additional event Panel exhibition