A survey result reported that a high rate of murder has been pushing up the social cost such as the cost of maintaining public order. Brazilian society is suffering from many brutal crimes (as of June, 2018)

On January 23, 2019, ASEZ visited Manaus City Council, Brazil, to introduce a global crime reducing project, Reduce Crime Together, and to build a necessary partnership to implement it.

On the day, ASEZ emphasized the importance of one person’s awareness and actions. Fred Mota the Vice President of Manaus City Council gave a support signature for Reduce Crime Together project and made a positive evaluation on ASEZ, saying, “It is wonderful to see ASEZ at the forefront of leading people to positively change.”

Furthermore, Joelson Silva the President of Manaus City Council, and Bosco Saraiva the former President of Manaus City Council and current Federal Deputy for the Amazonas, gave support signatures.

Manaus City Council signed an MOU with ASEZ for sustainable crime reducing activities for constant cooperation. Both organizations promised to search practical ways to reduce and prevent crime through education and campaigns.

Many people are waiting for ASEZ to make a substantial difference by encouraging local citizens to participate in its campaigns through the partnership.