On April 30, 2021, ASEZ members from Mokpo National University and from Mokpo Science College took part in a project of attaching nameplates to identify the people of national merit, held by the Western Jeonnam Regional Office of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, while adhering to the preventive measures for COVID-19.

Attaching nameplates to identify the “homes of people of national merit” is a national project to deliver nameplates to each person of national merit to promote their self-esteem and to encourage the atmosphere of social respect. Nameplates were delivered to about 340,000 people of national merits through this project, which began from 2019. This year, nameplates will be delivered to 220,000 bereaved families, including the soldiers or police officers who died on duty.

On the day of the volunteer service, the officials from the Veterans Affairs and ASEZ members were grouped into three teams and visited the homes of eleven people of national merit in Yonghae-dong, Sang-dong, Yeonsan-dong, Samhyang-eup in Muan-gun to greet them and deliver their nameplates.

Park Yeong-suk, Director of the Western Jeonnam Regional Office of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, expressed her gratitude, saying, “These days, students are unwilling to volunteer because they are busy, so it is meaningful that ASEZ students are taking the lead in volunteer services.” An official from the Regional Office of Patriots and Veterans Affairs showed his will to continue to cooperate with ASEZ, saying “I hope that we will continue to volunteer together for the upcoming project to attach nameplates for the Gwangju Democratization Movement.”

Song Ah-reum (Mokpo Science College), an ASEZ member, said, “I felt grateful to realize that I’m living in a better environment and a better world, thanks to the people of national merit.”

Thanks to those who sacrificed for the country, today is better than before.
ASEZ, too, will make constant efforts to contribute to society through volunteer services for a better tomorrow.