On August 13, the ABC Campaign was launched in Polomolok, South Cotabato, to purify the riverside in Polomolok. The event was attended by a total of 90 participants, including 50 students from various universities such as the South East Asian Institute of Technology, President Ramon Magsaysay State University, and Mindanao State University.

Before the cleanup began, ASEZ members in the Philippines gathered in Purok for a Blue Carbon awareness campaign. They explained the concept of Blue Carbon, along with the purpose and background of the event, to local residents and other stakeholders present at the event. While terms like carbon neutrality and Blue Carbon were unfamiliar to the residents, they expressed a willingness to actively participate, recognizing the importance of these concepts.

Following the campaign, volunteers engaged in cleanup activities near the river in Polomolok. They collaborated to collect discarded waste around the river. The amount of waste collected was substantial, filling up about 40 garbage bags.

Jezel Canlas, a university student, said, “It seems that I’ll remember this moment for the days to come. Unfortunately, many people in Polomolok are unaware of the importance of Blue Carbon. That’s why this event is even more meaningful. It was great to be able to raise residents’ awareness of the necessity of Blue Carbon and environmental conservation through this event. I’m so happy to be part of ASEZ.”

Roger Prendless, a volunteer participating in ASEZ activities for the first time, also said, “Seeing the happy smiles of ASEZ university students cleaning the river, I find joy in picking up trash and it makes me happy, too.”

Government officials expressed their gratitude for the activities of ASEZ members and participated in signing statements of support, pledging continuous support for ASEZ activities.

Vice Mayor Melchor J. Juta, stated, “ASEZ’s activities perfectly align with the needs of the local community. We will continue to support ASEZ’s activities,” expressing his ongoing commitment.

Kalixto B. Saladaga, a member of the local council, expressed gratitude, saying, “At this moment when Earth is facing the crisis of climate change, ASEZ’s activities are extremely necessary and crucial. ASEZ’s activities are excellent for encouraging young people to take responsibility for protecting our environment. Thank you.”

The efforts of ASEZ members in addressing climate change go beyond protecting the environment of specific regions and countries, contributing to the global environmental conservation. The world is now focusing on the activities of ASEZ members who have the potential to change the world.