Change in a small community means change in society.
Change in individuals lead to change in communities, which leads to change in the world. ASEZ members strive to make an opportunity for discussion and cooperation to draw participation from communities.
In August, 2019, ASEZ created an atmosphere of communication in Shillong, India. During the summer vacation, Korean ASEZ members flew to India, and they visited educational institutions and police stations together with the local university students.

ASEZ visited each agency, and discussed direction for their activities in Shillong, India, after introducing ASEZ Reduce Crime Together campaign.
Ratnadeep Roy the Principal of Women’s College, and Claudia Lyngwa the Superintendent of police, and Shri Ploster Syiem the Additional Superintendent of Police, Crime Division, enthusiastically supported ASEZ activities, and gave support signatures accordingly.
Particularly, ASEZ signed an MOU with the police station, and promised to provide sustainable and constant cooperation for making local regions and streets safe from crime.
After the meeting was over, ASEZ provided Crime Free School education and conducted a street cleanup to rid the streets of crime.