ASEZ members visited the office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to participate in a conference with Minister and Vice Minister of Justice and Human Rights on January 28, 2019.

Daniel Sanchez, Vice Minister of Justice and Human Rights, who had previously participated as a presenter in 2019 ASEZ Global Forum for the implementation of UNSDGs held at National University of San Marcos on January 24, held a conference with the Minister to find practical ways to prevent crime.

For a long time, ASEZ members have been carrying out diverse activities such as environmental cleanups and awareness-raising forums and seminars, in order to reduce and prevent crime in Peru. Furthermore, they formed partnerships with government organizations, local governments, universities, NGOs, and enterprises to make sure that their activities are not confined only to university students, but everyone can realistically and practically participate in the activities.

Vincente Antonio Zeballos Salinas, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, expressed his thoughts on the conference as follows, “It’s really impressing that university students are taking action to prevent crime. ASEZ members don’t attribute current issues to the past generations or just give a motivation, but they really take action to prevent crime with the heart of a mother. I’m deeply indebted to ASEZ for their activities.”
He signed in support of “Reduce Crime Together” activities of ASEZ.

Discussions on signing an MOU between the Ministry of Justice and Human Right and ASEZ, are ongoing. It is hoped that the government of Peru will take steps to reduce and prevent crime by making and enforcing appropriate policies in response to current issues in Peru.