The Future Starts Here!

ASEZ had a conference with Jerome C. Glenn, a futurist, at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple on May 19, 2019. Jerome C. Glenn serves as the Director of the Millennium Project and Executive Director of the American Council for the United Nations University. As a world’s renowned futurist, he is also an independent consultant for UN organizations, and has annually published the “State of the Future” since 1997.

The conference was arranged to be aware how important it is for university students to take action to achieve the UN SDGs, and to discuss the ways for ASEZ to effectively achieve the goals.

The conference started with ASEZ introduction video, and was followed by the question and answer time in the presence of twenty members from ASEZ.

Jerome C. Glenn advised university students to immediately take action instead of wasting time in prioritizing issues that mankind faces. He emphasized the importance of collective intelligence, and complimented ASEZ on conducting volunteer services in unity throughout 175 countries around the world, saying, “People have ideas, but they don’t put them into practice. I really like ASEZ ecause the members put their faith into action. I hope they will continue to act without stopping.”

He also gave advice about Greenship Project of ASEZ, mentioning “anti-littering, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, and using eco-friendly meat analogues in university cafeterias,” which students could immediately put into practice to nurture a better environment.

Besides, in regard to the Reduce Crime Together Project of ASEZ, he requested that university students take interest in the issues on how to globally manage and supervise Artificial Intelligence [AI] to prevent the possibility of its misuse as a tool for crime.

Finishing the conference, Jerome C. Glenn said, “As a futurist, I’m in duty to give answers to the questions from university students, and to give them appropriate advice. Throughout this conference, it was very pleasant to be with university students, the leaders of the future generations.”

The conference was a very valuable opportunity for the students to realize the importance of volunteer services for a better future, and to search for specific and effective ways to carry out the three major projects of ASEZ.

Jerome C. Glenn promised to cooperate with ASEZ to create a better future through continual conferences.

‘The Future Starts Here’

We hope to see a better future brought about by the activities of university students, the leaders of future generations.