Around 50 ASEZ university students in Raipur, India, carried out a traffic order campaign with the local traffic police department on a stretch of 2 km from Telibandha Chowk to Ghadi Chowk on January 23, 2019.

It is urgently necessary to settle the traffic congestion problem and improve the traffic order in India. The city of Raipur has been emphasizing the importance of raising citizens’ awareness of resolving the issue by even setting up a “traffic week.”

The police superintendent for Raipur road showed anticipation, saying that it would deliver a positive message to Indian youths and would be a good opportunity to learn how to be considerate of others. He also promised to wholeheartedly support ASEZ to raise citizens’ awareness of traffic order.

On the day of the campaign, the members let cars stop before pedestrian crossings; they explained to drivers and citizens the duty to comply with the traffic order and the responsibility to protect pedestrians.

An official from the traffic police department said, “Cars must stop before pedestrian crossings with consideration for barefoot pedestrians. The campaign by ASEZ will be a good start for this.”

Raipur police station signed an MOU with ASEZ, and took the first step toward constant cooperation.