ASEZ members are honored with an international environmental award called the Green World Award, followed by the Green Apple Award 2018 (Gold).

The Green Apple Award held by the Green Organisation, a nonprofit environmental group with international authority, is officially proved by the European Commission and the U.K. Environment Agency. It brings out excellent cases of environmental activities and supports them. Experts in relevant areas evaluate environmental activities based on nine factors, including innovation, commitment, social benefit, and planning for future development, and select the final winners.

The awards ceremony has been delayed for one year due to COVID-19 outbreak, and was finally held at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in London on November 15. In recognition of the Greenship Network, ASEZ won Gold in the Green World Awards 2020, and was appointed as the “Green World Ambassador” This project has an expanded concept of the “Greenship” project that this organization has established, emphasizing the environmental responsibilities of global citizens; it is an environmental campaign that connects individuals, communities, and countries around the world, so they can work together.

Through this project, ASEZ connected 168 government agencies and local authorities, and entered into partnership with 226 international and civic organizations as well as 56,168 individuals. The world’s leading experts, including Futurist Jerome Glenn, and government officials have volunteered to serve as consultants and give support to ASEZ.

The Greenship Network Projects are as follows:


▶Environmental Forums & Seminars: 476 teenagers and 625 college students (26 times)

▶Environmental Awareness Raising Campaigns: 39,503 participants from 174 colleges (386 times)

[Taking Action]

▶Worldwide Green Campaign Cleanups: 6,000 participants in 81 countries

▶Worldwide Environmental Cleanups/ Environmental Improvement Activities to Prevent Crimes: 40,051 participants (928 times)

▶Biodiversity Conservation Activities: Bee the Change Campaigns worldwide Trees planted: 11,053 trees

▶Trees planted: 11,053 trees

▶Present Status of Greenship Networking: 44,801 participants in 50 countries.

“We are faced with multiple problems in the world, and it is impossible for a single individual or an organization to solve them without cooperation of from the world. We need many people to focus their thoughts and heart on solving the problems, but ASEZ is the very organization play the role.”

-Executive Director of Lowell Bennion Community Service Center at the University of Utah, who attended the ASEZ’s workshop held at the 68th United Nations Civil Society

ASEZ’s networking connects people and people, people and environment, through which not only individuals but also communities and the world can take part in protecting the environment.

We look forward to ASEZ’s networking activities in 2022, which will provide the fastest and most reliable master key to the unprecedented climate crisis through communication and collaboration.