Streets are space shared by every member of community for making use of residential, educational, and medical facilities.
ASEZ conducts diverse activities to rid streets of crime and make them safe. University students, local residents, and public officers together cleaned up and took care of the streets constantly. Furthermore, in the middle of July, Global ASEZ Summit 2019 was held, where the students made a resolution to create at least one “Crime Free Street” in all the 175 countries of the world, and also discussed practical ways to implement it.
As part of implementing the resolution, about 200 ASEZ members cleaned up 700 meter-long streets and planted trees in the city of Vasai Virar, India, on August 11, 2019.

Particularly, Mayor Rupesh Jadhav, too, participated in the cleanup, and supported the university students. The mayor thanked the students for taking care of the streets, and presented a certificate of appreciation to ASEZ; moreover, he promised to continue to support ASEZ as a member of ASEZ Advisory Committee for the world free of crime.

After the street cleanup, ASEZ members provided Reduce Crime Together education to local youths in Mumbai to share knowledge and attract their participation.We hope that ASEZ will continue to draw interest and participation from people all around the world in their activities, and to deliver hope to India, whose population amounts to approximately 1.3 billion people.