In order to have respect for others and for all of society, you must first understand yourself.

When you perceive and understand your feelings with self-respect, you can begin to have a good relationship with others.

On January 20, 2020, the “Crime Free School” education was held in Santa María del Bosque School located in Madrid, Spain, with the theme, ” Understanding My Various Character.”

Eighty students learned the importance of having the right self-perception and understanding, and made business cards, about themselves.

The students actively participated and the Headmaster also showed his enthusiasm during the education. He supported the students by emphasizing that this education necessary for crime prevention and early childhood education.

Alejandra, a member of ASEZ said, “This education is not only for elementary students but for all.” She added, “It is important to know who you are, and make positive changes of yourself little by little as a member of society.”

We hope all the students who received the education will have an understanding of self-identity and a broad view to respect others in their community, based on having good self-esteem.