Korean and Filipino ASEZ Members conducted street cleanupand mural painting to reduce crime

Korean and Filipino ASEZ members gathered together on E. Pantaleon Street in Barangay Malanday Valenzuela City for Crime Free Street activities on August 11, 2019. Crime Free Street is a program to make crime-ridden areas free of crime, as a part of ‘Reduce Crime Together’ campaign.

Louise Aynrand D. Cruz, Barangay Malanday Councilor, chose E. Pantaleon streets where teenagers often commit crime, and requested to ASEZ to rid the streets of crime; then, ASEZ members began their mission with mural painting and street cleanup.

Efren SA Santiago, Barangay Malanday Captain, participated in the event, and complimented the university students on their activities, saying, “Reducing crime is one of the greatest concerns of the government of the Philippines. ASEZ delivers motherly love to the world, and strives to reduce crime. What they are doing is a wonderful activity.” Before the start of the volunteer service, city councilor of Barangay Malanday greatly empathized on the Reduce Crime Together campaign and Crime Free Street project, and gave support signatures for crime reduction.

Through mural painting, ASEZ members filled walls with warm-hearted paintings with messages of ‘Mother is Love,’ ‘Reduce Crime Together,’ and ‘Zero Crime Street.’

On the day, along with the mural painting, ASEZ members cleaned up the street to improve its environmental condition; this contributed to ASEZ crime reduction activities.

Many media outlets excitedly covered the news of their activities. Before the start of the event, Radyo Pilipinas 2, DWBL 1242 Radio Station, and Philippine News Agency (a local news organization), made a report of the date and the location of their volunteer services. After the volunteer services were over, Philippine Star, the largest news organization followed by about 2 million people in the Philippines, and PTV-4 News covered their volunteer services.

ASEZ completed its volunteer services successfully; it drew much attention from major news outlets and the local residents. Barangay Malanday Council promised to sign an MOU with the ASEZ branch in Valenzuela City on the 13th. Starting with this event, it is expected that Barangay Malanday council and ASEZ will continue to work in cooperation to rid Valenzuela of crime.