Chileans live in fear of various crimes such as robbery, theft, and violence. Every wall is covered with graffiti, and it creates a gloomy atmosphere, building an air of insecurity in the residential area.

Then, based on a case study where crime was reduced through mural painting, Korean and Chilean ASEZ members carried out mural painting on one street of San Bernardo on July 31, 2019. The street is notorious for its high incidence of crime; ASEZ members first coated the walls with bright-colored paint, and then, painted the national flower of Chile, Copihue, which brightened up the atmosphere. The members had a smile on their faces and put their heart into the mural painting, hoping that the gloomy atmosphere in this area will turn peaceful and bright.

One of Korean ASEZ members who participated in the volunteer service said, “In Santiago, almost every wall is covered with graffiti, and much of it conveys gloomy messages to people. Actually, even in a primary school, there was such graffiti which worried me. But I was so happy to be able to change the gloomy atmosphere on the walls through this volunteer service. It was truly a meaningful time where I could deliver a mother’s love to the residents; they were all very happy.”

We hope that ASEZ will continue to take practical and sustainable action to reduce crime in Chile, starting with this volunteer service in Santiago.