ASEZ participated in the South Salt Lake City council meeting on August 29, 2019. The council meeting was a platform for discussing policies for city development in the presence of city council members and the city mayor of the South Salt Lake, and for hearing opinions from citizens.

ASEZ was invited to the council meeting by the city of the South Salt Lake, and was asked to introduce its recent activities.

Sidney Rogers, a member of ASEZ, started with showing an intro video, and made introduction of ASEZ crime reduction activities that are being carried out all over the world, including the workshop at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference, and the news of 2019 Summit that was held in Korea in July 2018.

Then, Mark Kindred, a city council member, highly complimented ASEZ on its activities, saying, “I’m really lucky to have met great people, like you, all.” Furthermore, Portia Mila, another city council member, said, “I’m sincerely grateful to all of you for doing a lot of great work in the city of South Salt Lake. You are all very inspiring, and your activities are highly praiseworthy.”

ASEZ previously formed a partnership with the City of South Salt Lake in August 2018, and it has constantly carried out volunteer services. So, the City Mayor of South Salt Lake presented a certificate of appreciation to ASEZ for its volunteer services for the local community

ASEZ continued to conduct its volunteer services for the local community, the following day on August 30. ASEZ members of the branch in the City of South Salt Lake visited a senior citizen who needed help, cleaned their house, did gardening, and planted trees together with the city.

One of ASEZ volunteers said, “Through the volunteer service, I was able to be of help to a person. It was really a valuable time.”

ASEZ constantly carries out volunteer services in each local community, establishing partnership with each city council.

We live in an age of individualism and selfishness. However, we firmly believe that the pure passion of the youths who want to be of help to others will make many cities beautiful.