To nurture leaders who will take the lead in reducing crime

On April 28, ASEZ Future Leader Forum was held in the Church of God in Newport News, VA, U.S. It was for nurturing university students—protagonists of the future—as the future leaders to take the lead in reducing and preventing crimes, and for developing plans to encourage residents’ participation. The police officials of the city, ASEZ members, and 90 residents got together to reduce crime and make a safe community.

At this forum which was part of the ASEZ’s “Reduce Crime Together” project, Steven Drew the Newport News Police Chief, Sheriff Gabriel Morgan, Professor Daniel Warman at the Norfolk State University, and Jeffrey Riddle the local lawyer were the speakers. They emphasized the importance of education and participation in reducing and preventing crime. Furthermore, they said the concern and consideration based on a mother’s love can reduce the gap between community members and their conflicts.

After giving their presentations, the speakers agreed to cooperate with ASEZ through their support signatures. Sheriff Gabriel Morgan said, “I could feel your wish to make a real change. This organization (ASEZ) knows exactly what the urgent issue of our community is, and this made my heart burn with passion.”

This day, the participants discussed the practicable plans for crime prevention in daily life, and made the first step together to make a safe community with the heart of a mother.